PhD forum


The PhD forum will take place on Friday (from 10:50 to 12:50 am) jointly with poster presentations for 9 regular papers.

Here are the PhD poster/video presentations accepted at the conference:


Title Student Presentation
2 Explainable Multi-output Model and Prediction Ćelia Wafa Ayad Poster
3 CGT: Counterfactual Generation for Text Julien Delaunay Poster
4 Video surveillance anomaly detection using Autoencoders Ernesto Cruz-Esquivel Poster
5 Sparse Neural Network Training with In-Time Over-Parameterization Shiwei Liu poster/video
6 Semantic data management and predictive modeling in the domain of evolutionary computation Ana Kostovska poster
7 Rare event prediction: Application to click-through rate estimation. Slimane Makhlouf Poster and video
8 Leveraging Entity Neighbourhoods to Develop Personalised Predictors Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Poster
9 Predicting employee absence from time-sheet data Peter Zupančič Poster
10 A comparison of Convolutional Neural Networks and traditional feature-based Classification applied to Leukaemia Image Analysis Marinela Iuliana Branescu Poster
11 Don’t start your data labeling from scratch: impact of training and test set distribution differences on modeling Andraž Pelicon Poster

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